Established in 1963, the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences is formerly named Taiwan Provincial Kaohsiung Institute of Technology, with offered five-year diploma programs at that time.

The Department of Civil Engineering is established right from the beginning, in the year of 1963.In 1997, the Kaohsiung Institute of Technology was reformed as the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences and full time Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs were offered since then.In 1998, the Department of Civil Engineering began to offer two-year part-time college program.In recent years, the Department of Civil Engineering has started to provide full-time graduate study and offer Master of Science (MS) degree since 2001.One year later, a Master of Science program was created for part-time graduate students with working experience.In 2006, the department has begun to offer five-year (undergraduate plus graduate) Master of Science (MS) program.Under which, the students are able to work towards a Master of Science degree and obtain the degree in five years starting from the freshman year.In order to follow a trend of internationalization and globalization, the department started to offer graduate lectures in English since 2008.Starting in 2009, the Department of Civil Engineering offers Ph.D. degree to further expand and strengthen its research capability.

The department currently has 23 experienced faculty members and 22 of them with doctoral degree. One-third of our faculty members have professional licenses in Civil Engineering related disciplines in Taiwan and overseas as well.

The department provides an excellent environment for study, training and research. Active researches conducted in the department include earthquake isolation on structures, application of defect energy in materials, micromechanics of high-performance concrete, influences of temperature, moisture and strain rate on properties of mudstone, application of solar energy in geotechnical engineering, dynamic properties of soil in Kaohsiung, deep excavation and tunneling in soft ground, soil-structure interaction, properties of high-performance concrete and CLSM, influences from professional and ethical conducts on construction industry, construction project management, project planning and control, artificial intelligence, construction of visual synthetic environment, building information modeling, application of 3S technology in Civil Engineering and disaster mitigation.

Very recently, a novel interdisciplinary research group combing information and sensing technologies for Civil Engineering applications has been built, and a Building Information Modeling (BIM) research center is established. The Department of Civil Engineering has received very high reputations in teaching and research both from the industry and academia, and has received top evaluations from the Taiwan Ministry of Education.